Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not dead, just working

I know this blog has been mighty quiet lately. But the project hasn't. In fact, I've been rather busy:

  • I traveled to Australia in July to present an updated version of Intragenomic Conflict and Common Currencies at the AAP in Brisbane. I learned a lot at the conference, and received some useful comments and questions about the paper at the presentation itself. I'm busy reworking the presentation and the paper. I've also got hold of a collection of papers about intragenomic conflict by David Haig to work through. I'll be making additional presentations in August and September here in South Africa, and hope to have a draft that I can circulate by some time in October.
  • I've been developing a talk on 'Sacred' values and common currencies, that is occasioned by the recent wave of empirical research on the topic, including the Berns et al. paper 'The Price of Your Soul' which I posted a notice of back in May. I'm presenting talks on that topic a few times through August, and then once in September.
  • I've done some preliminary work on a paper engaging with Kim Sterelny's treatment of preference in his Thought in a Hostile World. If I make enough headway, I'll present that at a conference in South Africa near the end of September.
So before too long I'll be able to post some updated presentation slides, some new slides, and some brief comments on key research papers.

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