Thursday, April 18, 2013

Intragenomic Conflict and Common Currencies

‘Intragenomic Conflict and Common Currencies’ is the working title of one of the papers that is part of this common currency project. It grew out of my reading of an essay by David Haig called ‘Intrapersonal Conflict’ which is the first piece in an anthology simply called Conflict (Cambridge, 2006, edited by M Jones and AC Fabian).

Picture showing differences between embryos of mice where genetic imprinting had been manipulated. (See the powerpoint slides below.) Image from Haig (citation below) in turn from Keverne et al.

I presented a very preliminary version of the argument at the 2013 conference of the PSSA, at the Salt Rock Hotel, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Because I’d also been organizing the conference, the talk wasn’t as worked out as it might have been.

More recently (April 17, 2013) I presented an updated version to the senior seminar at UKZN, and I’ll be taking the same talk to the University of Johannesburg around the end of April.

The written draft of the paper is still something of a construction site, but my presentation slides may be of some interest, and so I’m posting them here.

I’ll post updated slides from future presentations (right here on this page), and eventually the working draft of the paper when it’s ready for comment and feedback.


Haig D (2006) Intrapersonal conflict. In: Jones M, Fabian AC (eds) Conflict. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp 8–22.

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