Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not dead, just researching

Things have been quiet here for a while, I know.

This must be a great inconvenience to my staggeringly tiny readership.

I've been working like crazy getting a working version of "Intragenomic Conflict and Common Currencies" into shape. (See My own efforts on this site. This is a paper occasioned by David Haig's "Intrapersonal Conflict". I'm also presenting a version of this at the Australasian Association of Philosophy conference in July this year.)

I'm presenting the paper tomorrow afternoon. Shortly after that, I'll probably put my slides up, so that they can bask in the blazing obscurity of this here blog. Some time after that, I may even post a working version of the paper (the prose version is still largely a construction site.) Once the presentation is done, I'll have time to finish a few draft pieces for this blog that are taking shape, and add to the preliminary discussion of important distinctions in this area.

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