Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Early 2016 Update

The blog has been semi-stagnant, but the research project has not.

I'm pleased to report that Biology and Philosophy has accepted 'Does Intragenomic Conlflict Predict Intrapersonal Conflict?' subject to some minor revisions. I'll share a preprint here in due course.

Also, the text of 'Herbert goes to Monte Carlo' (written with Blaize Kaye) is taking shape nicely, and should also be ready to share within a few months. This is the paper in which we attempt to stage a battle between some of the arguments in favour of a common currency, and the case against both representationalism and centralisation found in Rodney Brooks' famous manifesto 'Intelligence without Representation'.

A by-product of working on the 'Herbert' paper is that I've got extensive notes about the final common path argument, and a few other arguments in favour of a common currency, which I hope to convert into pieces suitable for posting here.

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