Friday, March 14, 2014

Paul Glimcher - Video Lecture

Postings here have been a bit thin and slow lately. I've been teaching a lot. Work continues when it can, though. I'm working on adding something about neuroeconomics. In the interim, here's a very fine talk by Paul Glimcher of NYU, on the subject of "Neurobiological Foundations of Economic Choice". Glimcher has extraordinarily deep understanding of a variety of economic theories, and of brain science. This is a fairly accessible, and very clear and lucid, exposition of the outlines of his research programme. It's really well worth watching, and a useful introduction/companion to Glimcher's terrific 2011 book Foundations of Neuroeconomic Analysis.

Elsewhere on this blog you can find one discussion of a paper by Glimcher (and Levy) reviewing and extending some of the neural evidence for a common currency: The Root of All Value.

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